Watch Like a Hawk?

Posted: October 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

One solution to combating cyber bullying that seems to be persistent entails parents and or schools  monitor kids’ social media accounts. This is a really tricky subject for parents and schools alike. If a parent is monitoring their child’s social networking accounts without their knowledge, eventually the parent will come across something they are going to want to confront their child on. Of course, as a parent you need to be involved in your child’s life to protect them but what concerns me is the potential damage that can be done to the child-parent relationship. Is there a possibility the child will begin to have trust issues with their parent?

What complicates the matter for schools monitoring children’s accounts is the issue of privacy. How much of a child’s activity Some brands of software parents and schools alike can use are Mobicip, Net Nanny, Online Guardian and Social Shield. All of these applications have features that alert parents or teachers of certain keywords sent to a student’s phone or social media account. In terms of blocking and filtering, recording digital footprints, installation and ease of use, Net Nanny seems to score the highest in comparison to other parental control software.

Some of the features entail masking profanity, blocking websites that may not be suitable for the child’s age and a dashboard that allows parents to monitor all activity on social network cites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Based off of the service provided by the software and the reviews of users, Net Nanny could be a great resource to assist parents in interrupting cyber bullying.


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