Most adults can think back to at least one instance in their childhood when they were victims of cyberbullying. I am sure we can all recall the emotions we experienced during these instances, such as fear or anger. I am also sure we can all think back and remember what we did to avoid these negative experiences. I recall being bullied as a teenager and I was constantly overwhelmed with feelings of hurt, anger and confusion. I also felt isolated because telling an adult would only make matters worse.

Ten years later, I am still interested in bullying, particularly the growing trend of cyberbullying. As technology continues to advance, the number of platforms cyber aggression can occur across, multiplies as well. My blog “Social Media: Does it Perpetuate Cyberbullying?”, explores if and how social media perpetuates cyber aggression, particularly among teenagers. They seem to be the largest group participating in “digital drama” and the rising number of suicides  that are linked to cyber aggression are committed by teenagers.

Social media is supposed to be a tool for maintaining relationships, establishing new ones or just humor. Its interesting to witness how social networks are also being utilized as tools of destruction. I will explore what measures are being taken to contain cyber aggression and how successful these implementations are proving to be. I will also formulate some suggestions of my own. One way to combat cyber bullying would be to empower the victims enough for them to not be afraid to tell someone if they are not able to handle the matter on their own. Lastly, I will be researching how social media itself can play a role in the eradication of cyberbullying.


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